A writers Life

Nov. 30, 2016

Publishing is a great business if you love books and stories. To put out a really great story that is well received is as thrilling as writing it yourself. I've run a successful business for sixteen years and at the beginning it was "learn as you go." Building a business from the bottom up is hard work. It can be the most rewarding thing you ever do or it can break your heart.

In order to build a business, based on what I've learned, you need the following:

Expertise (you need to know what you're doing). I'm talking a basic knowledge, the bits and pieces come as you grow. We at Black Point Publishing know what goes into a good book. We have written books and we know from experience the market that is out there. Appealing to the market and giving readers what they want is essential.

Integrity ( you need to be a team player, listen to advice, take criticism and treat everyone with respect. You need to be honest and fearless.)  Turn out good books and soon readers will want to read books published by Black Point Books.

Passion: You must love what you're doing because it's not a nine to five job. It's a job where you are always on call and you must work every day to build the company and support the people who depend on that company for their bread and butter. If you are not willing to do that then don't start a company of any kind. Work for someone else and let them do the heavy lifting. If you have passion, you have drive and that's what keeps you going after a ten hour day.

A business is not a family. I'm sorry to tell you that. I hear this often, especially around the time a publisher is supposed to be paying their authors. A family you can forgive non payments, forget about the loan, work for nothing. A publisher is a business. A publisher exists because of it's authors. A publisher is not a charity. It is NEVER acceptable for a publisher to stop paying their authors the royalities they are due. NEVER. When the publisher gets paid from the vendors, paying their authors is the first thing they must do. If they've overspent, can't budjet their income and so on, and are left with no profit, that's their fault and a publisher should never pass this pain onto their authors. So it worries me when I hear the word "family" in association with a publisher and its authors. It doesn't mean that authors can't have a friendly relationship with their publishers, but to call one your family usually emerges just before a publisher screws everyone over and disappears.

We don't want to be your family. We want to publish your book and show you that there's still something to be said for the small press publishers. We are not going away. We just need to be better.

So send us your work. If you have what we are looking for, we want to work with you.





Nov. 29, 2016

"“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
― Anaïs Nin "

Nov. 29, 2016

 I really don't know why anyone would choose to be a writer. Agreed some people like the ego trip of being published. Unfortunately with self publishing today, anyone can publish a book with a little know how. And I know people who are NOT writers but have put together some words along with a theme and uploaded it to Amazon. They may sell nothing but at least they can say they are a published author. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that all self published books are bad, or all books published with publishers are good. I've done both myself. I'm saying it's sometimes difficult to know if the book has been properly edited before you buy it. Also you can't tell by the blurb if the book is actually decently written. There is often noone to critique or edit the book and writers' can not edit their own work. We have no perspective on it and are usually unable to give it the critical eye it deserves.

Some publishers have shoddy editing practises. And some self published books go through no editing at all. It's a crap shoot and that's not good for the industry.In fact, badly written books that are poorly edited cheapen the industry and readers begin to shy away from taking a chance on a new author. I have some idea's about how we may address this issue, but that's for future blogs.

When I started out in the industry as a writer, electronic books were a bit of a joke. The industry was young and people told me that it wasn't 'real publishing.' So we struggled with our ego's, comparing ourselves to the mainstream publishers and dreaming one day of "really" publishing a book. We don't say that anymore. We know that e-books are here to stay and that the industry is strong. Unfortunately, large corporations like Amazon know that too. They've managed to push out alot of the small publishers, good publishers who gave their heart and soul to the love of publishing and writing. Alot of bad publishers also went away as well, publishers who didn't pay their authors and had little pride in the products they turned out. No loss I say. But those bad eggs, so to speak, turned alot of good writers off and so many authors joined the ranks of the self-published.

Before Amazon realised how much money was to be made in E-books, anyone and everyone started publishing companies. They made tons of money off their authors, spent the money they were supposed to pay authors' with, and disappeared.  Many of these fraud artists knew nothing about the industry or what it takes to write a book. They would take any book, throw a cover on it, give the appearence of editing it then rake in the money. If you sold well, you got paid for awhile then nothing. It's a damn sad story, one my publishing partner and I have fallen victim to often.

As a writer, I know what it takes to write a book. And that brings me back to my first query, why in the world would someone choose to write for a living? Writing in this industry back in the glory days was a tread mill. You spent every free moment writing. You were only as good as your next book. You ruined your health, your relationships, and never got to relax. When you weren't writing, you were thinking about writing. Story lines in your head, plots, characters talking to you. You ripped out your heart, made decent money then some fraudster took all your money and ran off with it. Go figure. But you didn't write for the money. You wrote for the love of writing. And if you got in with a good publisher, it was worth it.

Here at Blackpoint, we have all the experience needed to be Good publishers. We understand writers because we are writers and we want to publish good books that we can be proud of. We want to make money but not only for us, but for the writers we know work so hard to turn out their books.

I won't deny that we will be very picky selecting our authors but that's because we are more interested in quality than volume.We want to put our efforts behind making your book the best. We want that book to sell and in order to sell books, publishers and authors need to put out a book readers want to read.

 So if you think you have a great book, send it to us. If you take pride in your work and want to be in a publishing house that will always put their authors first, give us a try. We look forward to working with professional writers. It's a relationship of mutual trust.